Therefore repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord

Acts 3:19 



The University of Tennessee’s homecoming starts tomorrow and all my outfits look like pure cole-SLAW!

I need to find a place to live in Atlanta.

I need to pack more than the two boxes of books I haven’t even taped up.

Oh and not to mention the mental stress that comes with exiting a position and beginning a new one… my head is just in a weird space.


I have felt really distant from God lately and of course, when He feels far away we all know who really started moving. I think part of it has been me waiting on this magical, mystical moment to happen in regards to my repentance.

To repent is simple.

It literally means to go the other direction…turn around.

If it is so easy, then why did I want to have this emotional moment, with tears, music playing in the background, chills on my body, and then a call from some friend confirming that I needed to turn from sin?

I know when I do wrong. I know God’s word, and I know he HATES sin. He loathes it because it separates us from him. So instead of thinking I am a celebrity in the latest Pure Flix film, ready to receive an Oscar nomination for a performance, I decided to make the choice to simply repent. Goodbye background music, hair blowing in the wind, and stomach full of roller coasters.

 I stopped focusing on the stressors in my life…the distractions… and the little devil on my shoulder saying you’ve already gone this far Christie keep going…and I repented. It was an easy, quick, non-dramatic choice. That’s what is so enticing about the forgiveness He offers— it doesn’t matter how far away you’ve gone, you can always turn around!

So friends, take this encouragement and start now.

Get ready to feel refreshed. Once you turn around you may say, where do I go from here?

He seems out of reach, but as long as your focus is on Him, that is exactly who you will return to. Even better as the verse says, His presence provides a refreshing space for you. Maybe it is an American practice, maybe it’s certain denominations, or maybe it’s just people with a theatrical flair like me that think repentance should be an experience full of wonder. The wonder-my friends… is in the fact that getting back on track isn’t complicated!

Don’t make it that way.

Say a prayer out loud or in your mind –tell God you’re sorry for what you’ve done —and that you won’t do it anymore. —Then give him thanks and glorify his name.

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