Tree Trimmings

So here’s the cold, hard truth.

Christmas trees are dead! Yeah you can decorate them all nice and pretty. You can spruce them up with lights to take away from the dying leaves losing color. You can even spray some water, or place them in water, but the tree you bought was cut off from it’s life source. Because the tree is no longer connected to it’s roots… it’s full fledge DEAD!

I find this ironic during this 2016 season of Advent.


Because… like the Christmas trees, I  feel uprooted and honestly somewhat dead inside right now.

I’m not pumped for the services, holiday events, parties, presents or time with family. But… I am not down in the dumps either.

It’s also ironic because on the outside, I am visibly full of life, much like a decorated  Christmas tree. I put on green and red whenever I get the chance, I’ve built a gingerbread house, decorated ornaments, decorated my door with wrapping paper for the work contest; I’ve sent numerous cards to friends near and far and even purchased gifts.  Yet and still, It’s as if,  like the  Christmas tree,-on the outside I am looking decorated and great, but the fact that this decorated persona is only temporary is very much so present.


But on the flip-side, what’s nice about Advent and my church’s current series is that it is all centered around PEACE.

I ponder if this is what’s really going on with me?

I look peaceful…like a still Christmas tree; fragrant and standing tall and warm in the cold dark night. But really I’m a hot mess losing needles (hairs), thirsty for more and frail.

Thankfully, the Prince of Peace who came to save can take it all away. He will carry my yoke—and unlike the trees we buy each year, or the fakes we store away in our closets, I have the Holy Spirit to sustain me and literally bring me back to life.


As I write, I think of  (or maybe the holy spirit brought upon) a Christmas themed devotion:


Isaiah 11:1–10

 And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots (so festive, right? 🙂



Even while I’m not-so-in-the-spirit, my prayer is that you and your loved ones truly enjoy each other. Not just the gifts, the food, or presentation of fancy peppermints, rosemary, mistletoe, silver and gold. Instead, be thankful that if you know Jesus, after January you won’t be thrown out because your dead and no longer useful or in season —and that you don’t have to decorate yourself up, because the Spirit is living and breathing in you!



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