Forty Four

If you know me, you know I am an advocate for joining a small group, community group, bible study, or connection circle.

Your fellowship-group may even have a name I didn’t list, but the point is to meet outside of scheduled “worship time” to get in the Word together and be real and raw.

One highlight of moving to the A (Atlanta), is that I was plugged into a group right at the beginning of the new year. I selected to be in an all women’s group and am continually humbled as I leave our Monday night meetings.

For starters, our group is diverse! One lady is Jamaican and another is South African; there’s a fellow Tennessean from Nashville and some of the women are even mothers; Truthfully, it’s been a real blessing and weekly highlight!

When we were still in the breaking ice stages of the meetings, we had an assortment of picture cards and various questions were asked in a round style way.

The idea was to shuffle through the images and find one which could help illustrate your answer to the many questions.

One question that stuck with me was What does your relationship with Christ look like?  The picture I chose to answer this question is below:

44 (2).jpg


Though I’ve never had the pleasure of riding in a hot air balloon, I just know it has to be breathtaking!

I envision it to be full of fun, and see myself with an open mouth gasping in unbelief at various sights.

It’s an adventure…right?

It can be romantic…intimate.

It also could have some dangerous elements!

But overall…those in the basket are safe.


I selected this picture to represent my relationship with Jesus.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the rope is still anchored and these people haven’t taken off.  Much like that, I am frozen in fear.

Christ has amazing plans to show me the world, to take me on a wild ride, to take me to unknown heights. And I trust him enough to get in, but I won’t let the rope go!

It’s really weird because I’m so close…right? It’s as if I know, yet I don’t believe. It’s hard too because I feel I have been on this cliff and too afraid to jump for so long. For years I have been labeled as someone who is seeking and trying to grow in my relationship with Christ, yet when I saw this picture I felt so silly. I am literally able to taste and smell how good the Lord is, but various fears (ideals, things, and people relationships) hold me back!

Which leads me to asking you for help.- I need a little motivation!

I am looking to you for encouragement and testimonies. -How has the verse below been lived out fully, and loudly in your lives?

Psalm 31: 14

But I trust in you, LORD; I say, “You are my God.”


When did you decide to cut the rope? To literally take a leap of faith? Since I am so close, I am ready and hoping you all may be the ones to give me one more needed push!

Looking forward to reading your answers…Christie.

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