Pleasure in Provision

“He has His hands on you
He says He’ll see you through
When you cry, He’s holding you
So just lift your hands up high
For He will provide
Just know He has His hands on you”


There are so many songs that talk about God’s favor!

But this one… this one right here friends…really reminds me of his hand on my life. Perhaps it rings so true because September was one month where God’s grace and mercy overflowed in my everyday life. Now that October is swiftly passing us by,  I wanted to publicly praise him for showing UP and showing OUT in my life.

-Note that the following events happened in a week to two-week time frame:


Let’s start with school.

Woof! Now I know I work in Higher Education, but when you are pursuing a Master’s it can be rough.

Though I’m in an online program, I am still working full time and always (ALWAYS) in a car traveling for work. Also, the class textbook can only be read traditionally. I have tried so many times to make it an audiobook, but there isn’t a way. Ya girl has failed a test (or two), but I have the most generous professor I’ve ever had! He will let me retest and extend deadlines without taking off any points! Nothing, but God’s hand my friends!


Next, I was driving from Augusta to Savannah…around  10:00 pm at night. All the while, I “eating dinner” and online chatting with a Hilton hotel representative. All of a sudden, I’m pulled over!

The officer said the reason was he pulled me over was because  I went over the yellow lines more than a few times.  In addition, he ran my tags; At this point, I found out that Marsha’s tags were expired on August 31.

But by what I believe to be God’s favor….he let me go. 


This brings me to my next point.

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen that I signed up for a mission trip  to the Philippines. I was selected for the trip at the end of July and was rushing to raise money and board a plane mid-October. However, I got a call from our trip leader that the trip was pushed back to late January.

Ironically,  this is ideal for my work schedule and my fundraising! September was so crazy, that little blessings like this one made me just want to high five that hand of favor God has for me!

-But not without mentioning additional points that strengthen my testimony!


For example, my car Marsha was broken into!

Sadly, I am known for leaving my car doors unlocked—sometimes with the keys inside(don’t judge)!

Well, surprise surprise that for once I had my keys and locked all doors, but the hatchback trunk. I was at my friend’s house for Homework and watching one of our favorite shows, Insecure; when I woke up the next morning, all my belongings were thrown throughout the car! – It’s such a God-thing that my wallet and keys happen to be with me..considering they’re usually in my car.

And it the break-in wasn’t bad enough, Marsha’s check engine light came shortly after!  I joke a lot that Marsha is one her death bed, but its a miracle alone she’s still put-putting along. This is important to mention because I took her to the shop twice in September, prior to actually driving her from Atlanta to upstate New York and back in the course of two days!

I am thankful that God has been with me on every highway!


Should I praise dance the fact that I even had the means to pay for the work she needed? Come on somebody!


Which leads me to the next way his favor was displayed.

On September 18, my grandmother turned 90. I was unable to attend her surprise birthday party. But…I was able to see her right after the party.  And God knows I am glad I did because the same night she actually had a stroke.



And a week later she passed.

I hadn’t visited her in about six years. The cookie baking, sweet singing, full of energy Grandma I remembered from my trips to New York who had reached 90 years old is no longer with me in the physical.



But…the Lord gave me the opportunity to say goodbye.





I say all this to say that no matter what’s going on in your life,  be thankful for the small things…and find pleasure in his provision!


Take a step back and think about your last hard day. What had you frustrated or stressed out?

Now think of how it could’ve been worse!

Where did you see Jesus protecting, providing, preparing… those places, my friends, are where you should take pleasure in his provision.

Philippians 4:19 And my God will fully supply your every need according to his glorious riches in the Messiah Jesus.




2 replies to “Pleasure in Provision

  1. Ayeee! As one who has also created optimal car theiving scenarios, (its a little f’d up but) it’s nice to hear I’m not the only one inspiring these CRIMINALS.

    Great post. I’m always surprised by what God will do…or won’t do to reminser Hes there. Lol. Keep writing!!


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