Lovely Layers


Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for friends.

John 15: 13


Isn’t it fun to talk about our relationship with Jesus and the many hats he wears?

He is a brother, miracle worker, God with us, and one of my favorites, he is a friend! I  remember May of my freshman year writing down the word ‘friend’ on a rock at Intervarsity’s summer camp because I wanted to make friends in college. We were encouraged to take the rocks with us as they would remind us to pray and see those answered prayers become realities. Yep, I had been in school a full year and still felt lonely.

Do you recall the moment you realized when/why a certain friend was in your life?

Or does each person in your tribe have a specific role only he or she can fill?

As I get older I am so thankful for my circle, but I am also constantly challenged by the people in it. I feel like there are several ways where you really get to see a new side of friends and go deeper into the relationship.

First, would be going on a trip with friends. Some friends like to fit 30 hours into 24 hitting up every tourist spot, while others are more go with the flow and happy to be away. Trips are intimate.

The second is when a true life crisis/disaster hits. It is very different to walk beside someone when you aren’t walking to happy hour or a party, but dealing with some of life’s hardest blows.

The third one I want to focus on is living with friends!  Jesus be some cheap rent! It’s hard to keep the mask on when you’re living with friends. Even more so, the layers of who I am and who my friends are, constantly shed.-We have bad days; we have mid-life crises; we have family dysfunction, stressful jobs, and sometimes simply the desire to be alone.

Nevertheless, I have yet to die for one of my friends, and none have done that for me… thanks Jesus, you’re the real MVP!

But…what does it look like to be a Jesus-type friend?

To die daily; to be meek…but not weak.

Lately, I have had to grow and find beauty in removing my mask; also, in loving my friends (and other people in my life) in their unlayered selves.

Shrek might say living with someone is peeling off another onion layer. It can be hard, uncomfortable, petty and discouraging. It can be long,  feel stupid, hurtful, and damaging. Worse yet… it can be all the aforementioned simultaneously!

I am no Jesus, and neither are my friends, but as He is in us, and as we strive to love greatly like Him, I think many times we land on good love.


For he is the BEST friend, with the Greatest Love! And the love we receive from him allows us to first know that we are worthy of such love and then be willing to share it!

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