Impromptu… I AM

I am

Today,  is my first impromptu post. For the last two hours, I have been in my head about who I am not.

I am not a wife. I am not athletic. I am not a Master degree holder. I am not in a relationship. I am not a bridesmaid. I am not a size four. I am not a homeowner. I am not the beloved colleague. I am not a mother. I am not a famous blogger, tree climbing cool kid, and fashion influencer (What? I really dream of these things!)

I am not so many things… I promise you haven’t just joined my pity party, unwillingly, but I did want to be vulnerable in the many thoughts and the rabbit hole I am coming up from.

A while back I wrote 100 things I am thankful for. I don’t know if I will get to 100 “I am” statements today, but it is imperative for me to publicly proclaim who I am. I wanted to call a friend and vent all the frustrations I am feeling. I wanted to phone her and say how it’s even more frustrating that the things bugging me may be months old, or situations I thought I were over. However, the spirit led me to the burning bush. In Exodus 3:14 the Lord replies to Moses to tell the people that the God speaking to him is called “ I AM WHO I AM”.

I am still wrapping my mind around what all this means, but I know some of it. God was declaring to Moses how powerful he is, he was showcasing how he is the ultimate self-existence. God was never influenced by anything, his presence is immediate. His presence is infinite. God will never be influenced by any environment or human factors like I am. His existence isn’t contingent upon anyone or anything else. He is love. He is never changing!

And I am connected to God. “A daughter of the King” as so many like to throw around. I am an heir to the throne he sits on. Insert any other Proverbs 31 type statement here. So five months ago, when the New Year hit and I was crying from a broken heart and new life transition. I picked up that “ Godfidence” would be the word for this year.  Yet and still, confidence is an ongoing issue hitting me from all sides. However, I am choosing to believe, choosing to know that I am connected to the greatness of the Holy Lord above. I am connected to his energy. Have you ever thought about how he is the one who created energy?

Now I plan to type who I am. Even when doubt creeps in, or self judgement, or the urge to delete… I will not because I am CHRISTie. Yet not I, but through Christ in me! He is using me, and although this time with him isn’t fully intimate, I pray it is changing my thinking. May you renew my mind and have me think on things that are noble and good even if those things are about me!

  1. I am beautiful
  2. I am black
  3. I am white
  4. I am enough
  5. I am worthy
  6. I am important
  7. I am invited
  8. I am professional
  9. I am active
  10. I am growing
  11. I am wise
  12. I am okay
  13. I am loved
  14. I am blessed
  15. I am sanctified
  16. I am breathing
  17. I am a traveler
  18. I am passionate
  19. I am a singer
  20. I am a reflection of him
  21. I am regarded
  22. I am righteous
  23. I am forgiven
  24. I am empowered
  25. I am interesting
  26. I am admirable
  27. I am learning
  28. I am exciting
  29. I am desired
  30. I am thought of
  31. I am a vessel
  32. I am purposeful
  33. I am covered
  34. I am strong
  35. I am unique
  36. I am courageous
  37. I am a good friend
  38. I am helpful
  39. I am safe
  40. I am baptized
  41. I am affirmed
  42. I am celebrated
  43. I am history
  44. I am present
  45. I am the future
  46. I am free
  47. I am smart
  48. I am able
  49. I am still
  50. I am alive
  51. I am powerful
  52. I am a visionary
  53. I am light
  54. I am treasured
  55. I am honored
  56. I am redeemed
  57. I am creative
  58. I am a great aunt
  59. I am flexible
  60. I am renewed
  61. I am child-like
  62. I am determined
  63. I am humble
  64. I am proud
  65. I am a believer
  66. I am healed
  67. I am leading
  68. I am following
  69. I am cared for
  70. I am caring
  71. I am mobile
  72. I am real
  73. I am inquisitive
  74. I am reborn
  75. I am spiritual
  76. I am religious
  77. I am steadfast
  78. I am an influencer
  79. I am a witness
  80. I am kept
  81. I am fearless
  82. I am full
  83. I am here
  84. I am a teacher
  85. I am a cool kid
  86. I am communicative
  87. I am a priority
  88. I am a good writer
  89. I am rich
  90. I am divine
  91. I am deep
  92. I am victorious
  93. I am hopeful
  94. I am faithful
  95. I am cute
  96. I am fashionable
  97. I am appointed
  98. I am chosen
  99. I am ready
  100. I am positive

4 replies to “Impromptu… I AM

  1. I like that you are opening the flower of your heart to grow! Knowing that God has blessed your “seed” to grow from the ground to Unimaginable heights! Stay strong my sista in your continuous transformation to being the greatest you you can be.
    Also P.S 101. You are a Gift!

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