Good, Garbage, or Godly?

Have you ever thought that the act of thinking is hard to do? To truly think of a concept and sit in whatever stance you develop can be a hard process. I assume this is my opinion, or perhaps a fact, but ironically, I haven’t taken long to ponder this (ha). I’m currently laying in a tent on Memorial Day weekend as the rain pours down. My book is finished, these camping pals don’t want to get wet, so it’s me and my lack of service and I got to thinking…sounds like a great time to blog.
It’s been 9 months since I’ve posted on social media… that’s like carrying a whole baby people! If you ask a friend of mine about my journey of not posting since December 2019, you may get an eye roll. I hope it doesn’t come off pompous, but I’m proud of this new found freedom. Life unplugged equates to free for me. This freeness has formed from my reality that if it doesn’t help me grow it isn’t good for me. Social platforms stunt many people’s growth. And the growth I speak of is related more to mental capacity, ownership of one’s thought, as opposed to the number of followers and one’s sphere of influence.
Disconnecting has allotted time and clarity of mind. My personal experience has been the space and awareness to connect more deeply to the friends I have. Instead of getting a clip of a hot topic on the news, I have to gather it from radio or word of mouth and then research the entire video. I’ve always enjoyed hiking and being outdoors, but now I find myself truly soaking in the scenic views as opposed to trying to place them in a small square to share. Most significantly, my morning time allows me to sit and be still. This is where I can do a devotion, or positively affirm myself before a long day at work. Simply finding the time to think and pray with civil unrest and Covid-19 is truly a blessing, they I may have blocked before with the idleness of scrolling. I would spend my mornings catching up on all the posts I missed the night before. I state none of these changes for me to shame anyone, but to show how I really have found a new mental space.
I fully know social media can be used for good in multiple ways. Babies, powerful quotes, beautiful landscapes, tutorials, inclusive celebrations, romantic anniversaries, hashtags which lead to action or laughter, lands I want to travel to and the list goes on. However, those same posts I just mentioned can leave people feeling childless, weak, uninvited, lonely, inadequate… whoa what a rain cloud, but I hope you get my point on how the tiks and toks could turn someone’s mind to see their worth as no more than a dirty sock! (cdbankroll on the ones and twos)
Moreover, I’ll never forget seeing teens close to me enjoy watching a party on live instead of actually being at it 🤯My challenge isn’t for everyone to unplug, I know you know how to do that. My challenge isn’t even for you to delete accounts. Instead, I challenge you to think. When you see a post and a feeling overcomes you which isn’t positive, I want you to sit in your thoughts. No matter how fleeting that thought or emotion may be, overtime it could culminate to become detrimental. Are you envious of another’s happiness you see? Is the news report factual, or is it pumping a political agenda? Has a button been triggered which takes you to a dark place from the image you just viewed? If so, throw that moment in time to the garbage pile. Trash it 🗑
And as you log out, take the time and give it to God, thinking on his goodness and truth. Digging deep into yourself to assess how your mind can propel you to a new level versus pulling you down a rabbit hole. God’s word says “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” Philippians 4:8
So do that! Think positive. Dissect your thought patterns. Ponder his word, meditate on it like the Bible tells us to. Our brain is such a complex system which processes information quicker than we can fathom. All I ask is that the time you lose scrolling, you won’t lose in thinking!

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