Icy Isolation

Sis Sarah Jake’s calls it the Wilderness. Self Care experts call it Solitude. Eeyore calls it a normal day… Today I’ll call it icy! 🥶
This past Christmas, Knoxville received a white Christmas! I loved it, my own little Hallmark movie unfolding before my eyes. However, slick roads, black ice, and big snow flurries are the recipie for disaster in a big-little town like Knoxville. People were abandoning their cars, stuck in the house, or walking to the grocery store. Just as this pandemic has caused us to be more alone than in past years, the ice isolated many. Perhaps they had plans for an intimate holiday gathering, but icy roads kept them home. Home alone.
I began this draft, January 4, 2021. The same day I began the Daniel’s fast. The first week of the year was one where some of my longest and strongest relationships were tested with many whom I love. My blog’s theme is to find God and the light He provides in dark times. So when I felt moved to write about being alone, I must admit I wondered where the optimism would stem from.

I am an Enneagram 2, the Entertainer, a IS in the DISC assessment, an Orange in colors, and a Developer in Strength finder. If you’re not a fan of personality assessments, the point I am making is I enjoy being around people. I thrive, feel energized, and even loved based on relationships. So much so, my downfalls also relate to people and the health of our connection. I. E. I can become a people pleaser or base many of my decisions on how another party will feel of perceive me, instead of being true to me. I want to be wanted. But don’t we all

So often in our current, connected times we highlight “relationships” which can really be noise. Collectively, we battle over-stimulation, or chaos that can come from simply being connected on a phone. You may put your phone down, but then you’re on GoogleHome, your tablet, Smart TV, hanging with Alexa and Siri in the car, or blasting a podcast in your ears. I’ve clearly shared my stance on social media, but a more appropriate question I want to ask readers is; when is the last time you were intentionally alone? Because alone doesn’t always mean lonely…

Have you ever viewed disconnection as a way to get back to you? Or the road of unplugging a straight shot to our Father? In Michael Todd’s book and sermon series Relationships he clearly showcases how man’s first relationship is with God. Then he or she must be whole with Self. Adam had communion with the Lord daily, and then he had a purpose tending to the garden and animals before Eve was ever a thought. 🤨 The constant challenge for us today is to spend time with no one, and nothing but Self. Even if your introverted, you can consume you’re every moment with thoughts, scrolls, mentions, and Tik Toks from others!

Carving out substantial time alone seems to always be beneficial.In one friend’s alone season she wrote a book, moved states, and ended up engaged. She spent a trip around the sun saving and preparing for life’s next season. She is now married, thriving at her new job, and has written various versions of her book. Another friend lost 40+ pounds in her year of self focus. In just January, I was able to reach two personal goals because I was with myself and had the time and attention to give to those goals.

So back to why I want to rebrand time alone as ICY! ❄️

Ice is beautiful. Think of an ice covered pond on a post card or long icicles hanging off a cliff as you drive through the Rockies.
Ice is dangerous. Think of recent events in Dallas, or the Apocalypse a few years back here in Atlanta.

Ice maintains. Open your freezer and tell me what items would rot without being on ice.
Ice is refreshing. Imagine your favorite cold beverage without those cubes on a cold day! 🧊
Ice is essential. Global warming is real people! Don’t get me going on the poor polar bears in the poles.

Similarly, your time of intentional isolation may be hard. (The first two weeks of January I cried every other day.) However, just as ice is water in frozen form, we need it to survive. You need time to Self. It will sustain you. Many biblical characters greatest victories, came after hard, dark times in solitude. No need for me to name ‘em. Do your research on your own in your time alone.

March is approaching, feel free as one of my friends has said to center in and make “March Me Month!” ( she’s a new friend, but clearly she gets me with alliteration) Another friend asked this question in small group,”How can I reveal what God wants me to do from aspects of my personality that I suppress?” You cannot answer that question in one sitting of journal time. Trust me I tried. Lastly, I have other friends who call icy times Shadow work. “Shadow work is an introspective psychological practice…that leads to a more fulfilling life.” The goal is to learn more about your darker side and how it is integrated into your everyday life. Well, guess what friends? If you have shadows you have to have a bright side! 💡 Hope to hear from you soon!

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